Your Customer’s Journey: 3 Things You Need to Consider for More Sales

    Have you ever thought about what it takes to get a prospect to find and buy your course? 

    One of the best exercises you can do is imagining the journey your potential student is taking before they buy. 

    And to get us started, let me tell you a story about my daughter, Emily. Every since I first got her a tube of mascara in 7th grade, she has been passionate about makeup. I am talking about dedicated, watching hours of YouTube videos, and obsessed with finding the best products (this is similar to golfers. They are one of the most passionate audiences on the planet and buy so much training, equipment and coaching!) But back to Emily’s story… 

    So I asked her about what it takes to get her to fork over money from her hard-earned teenage budget to buy new stuff, and here’s what she said. 

    #1 – Good Reviews from Multple People

    When she sees a product recommended multiple times by different people, she gets intrigued. Especially when it’s a tight fit with the exact look she is interested in creating. 

    So one of your goals should be to get reviews from other people – and especially students who have been through your course. 

    Give out free copies if necessary in exchange for a review. Share these reviews on all your social media. 

    Reviews are called “Social Proof” and they are valuable for persuading a prospect to buy your course. 

    #2 – Seeing a Product in Action

    Here’s another thing that pushes Emily to buy. She likes to see a product in action. How does that foundation look? What does the mascara do? The YouTube videos give exact before-and-after images. 

    For your course, are you showing your students what the backend of your course looks like with a screen share? Help them imagine what it will be like inside your course by showing them what they will see and do. 

    Also make sure you are painting the picture for them of the transformation they will experience. When I talk about my 24 Hour Course Creator course, I talk about how a lot of people try to create a course and they get stuck in researching or picking a place to host their course, and then they never finish.

    I talk about how each hour of my course is laid out for them so they have to execute and move on to the next step in the next hour. It removes the option of staying on one step too long. The better I can describe this journey and the new path, the more likely I am to reach them and get them to say, “Oh my, I need that so I don’t get stuck!”

    #3 – Why Didn’t They Buy? 

    Another important conversion secret is to understand why they didn’t buy. As a teenager, Emily has a budget and often she won’t buy products that are too expensive. But she does jump on the sales… when a $40 product she has been eyeing goes to $20 at Ulta, she is the first one in line. 

    You can use this secret by understanding your customer (sometimes called an “avatar”). Are they working on a tight budget? Or do they have plenty of discretionary income? Have you tried a limited time sale to see what effect it has? 

    By thinking about why they did not buy, you can find more tweaks to improve your sales message and your offers. 

    The Secret to Conversion Math

    Finally, a short math lesson… suppose you are getting 1,000 people to the sales page for your course and 50 people buy, then you have a 5% conversion rate (50/1000=5%). 

    Suppose you increase your traffic by 10%, you should typically get five more buyers (1100 visitors x 5% = 55 buyers).

    However, if you can increase your conversion rate from 5% to 10%, you’ll double your buyers from 50 to 100! That’s twice as many sales… with the same traffic. 

    Put some dollars on that and now we are talking! (A $500 course earns you $25,000 in the first example, but it’s $50,000 with better conversions and with the same amount of traffic.)

    So conversions are a much bigger “lever” in your course business, and to help you with this I want to share nine more conversion secrets on Wednesday in my training Get Them to Yes: Easier Sales, More Signups and Happier Students with 9 Simple Conversion Strategies!

    And here’s Emily’s latest makeup look. Do you think it works?

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