Let’s talk about what it takes to create your super-successful course business…

There are really only 4 systems that you need to create and have them humming along to make your business flourish. And I want to make sure you put these into place – and not just once in awhile when you think about them. They should be a regular part of your business (and let’s automate as much as we can).

Today I’ll tell you the 4 systems and you can download The Only 4 Systems You Need Planning Guide HERE to help set your priorities.

System #1: Your Creation System

The first system you must put into place is your “creation” system. As a course creator, you should be constantly creating new content for your business. This system includes new courses and new training, but it also includes your blog posts, your email newsletters, even your social media posts.

That’s a LOT of content creation on your part.

But it doesn’t have to take up every spare minute you have.

My first secret is to find ways to constantly and consistently repurpose your content. For example, your newsletter essay should become a blog post on your site. Then you can pull out content to feed your social media accounts. With just a few minutes of your time, you can fill your content bucket.

System #2: Your Discovery System

The second system you need for your course creation business is a “Discovery” system, which includes all the ways that people can find you. It includes things like Facebook ads, your blog (especially if it shows up in the search engines), guest posting, podcast interviews, your social media accounts, videos on YouTube and so many more.

The good news is there are lots and lots of discovery systems.

The bad news is there are lots and lots of discovery systems!

The trick is to find the combination – or maybe just the ONE system – that works for you. For example, Jeff Cavaliere of AthleanX realized his discovery system is YouTube. He now has over 4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and has used it to build a huge online business. He started 8 years ago on YouTube and realized that was his sweet spot. He kept at it and built his audience.

My secret for discovery systems is you don’t have to be everywhere. You just have to find the discovery system that is perfect for you and your audience, and then consistently build it.

System #3 – Your Relationship System

System #3 is all about building a “Relationship” with your audience. It’s what you do to connect regularly and build your credibility. It can overlap some with your discovery system (for example, your blog can be both a discovery system and a relationship system) but your purpose is different. With your relationship systems, you are staying in touch regularly and building upon your prior interactions.

For example, I use my weekly emails to build a deeper connection into how you and I can build your ultimate course business. I also connect with folks on Instagram – it’s an easy way to stay top of mind with them.

Every course creator needs an email newsletter. (Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. Let’s just put it at the top of the list.)  And if you have one, but it’s not making sales for you, then we need to fix it. This is your best relationship builder – but most people don’t use them correctly.

System #4 – Your Sales System

Now you have your course ready (your “Creation” system), you have a way for people to find you (your “Discovery” system) and you know how you want to build your connection (your “Relationship” system).

What’s left? Your Sales System or how you get potential customers to buy from you. It can include things like your funnel and how you take people from low-lost product to your high-end course. It means you have a shopping cart/order system that works. It even includes things like customer support on the back end.

If this system is broken, you won’t be in business long! The good news is that you can set up your sales system, and it can be somewhat static. The other systems require constant feeding, but I have clients who set up their order page five years ago and it’s still making sales for them!

Now Take Action…

I want you to first evaluate where you are currently for each of these systems – and then we can build and improve upon them going forward!

Here’s a freebie to get you started:
The Only 4 Systems You Need Planning Guide