Facebook Challenges: How to Choose Between Your Ideas

    By Alina Vincent

    Do you have multiple ideas for Facebook challenge you want to do? Or are you still stuck looking for your very first one?

    You’ve come to the right place!

    Facebook challenges are a great way to attract qualified prospects to your business, build trust with them, and turn them into paying clients.

    In this article, I will share some common mistakes people make when choosing between Facebook challenge ideas, as well as give you a step-by-step roadmap for coming up with a winning challenge idea right now.

    Why People Choose the Wrong Facebook Challenge Topic

    Too many people start the search for challenge topics by asking: “What would be a fun challenge for me to do?”

    Of course, having fun with your challenge is important.

    In fact, one of the best things about online challenges is the fact that they make marketing feel so much less exhausting and overwhelming.

    However, this question is not a good starting point for brainstorming challenge topics.

    What’s the first thing you need to think about when looking for topic ideas?

    How you are going to monetize your challenge.

    What offer are you going to present to your challenge participants at the end of the challenge? Are you going to ask them to join one of your programs, or work with you one-on-one?

    The offer you present at the end of the challenge should always inform your search for potential challenge ideas.

    Facebook Challenges: How to Choose Between Your Ideas

    1. Start with the end in mind.

    Instead of trying to come up with challenge topics out of thin air, think about the end goal of your challenge.

    What do you want your challenge participants to do after the challenge is over?

    What step do you want them to take to work with you?

    Your offer can be something as simple as an invitation to work with you one-on-one.

    You can also direct your challenge participants to a sales page or a webinar sign-up form where they can learn more about one of your programs.

    2. Make your offer the logical next step.

    You need to choose a challenge topic that makes your offer the most logical next step in your potential client’s path.

    What do people need to learn or understand before they take you up on your offer?

    What beliefs about themselves or their journey do they need to let go of before they can work with you?

    Your challenge is the perfect place for you to teach your potential clients what they need to know.

    Think about challenge topics that would allow you to highlight your participants’ biggest pain points, as well as allow them to see there’s a better way out there (your offer).

    3. Tackle a pressing pain point.

    To come up with a compelling and profitable challenge topic, think about what your potential clients struggle with.

    What is their biggest pain point? In other words, what’s one thing in their daily lives that drives them nuts?

    Is it not enough sleep? Avoiding fast food? Getting their first business off the ground?

    Your challenge topic should revolve around this pain point.


    4. Focus on quick, valuable wins.

    What’s a quick, valuable win you could give your potential clients? How can you alleviate their pain or solve a problem?

    The best challenges deliver real results in a short amount of time.

    However, don’t try to do too much here.

    A quick win like “learn to meditate for 5 minutes every day” is much better suited to a challenge than a big lofty goal of “transform your mindfulness practice forever.”

    5. Don’t make your challenge a mini-version of your paid offer.

    While you want to make sure your challenge topic is relevant to your final offer, your challenge shouldn’t become a mini-version of your offer.

    Otherwise, your challenge participants may see their problem as “solved” and may be less inclined to invest money in working with you further.

    Instead, think about challenge topics that solve part of the problem your paid offer addresses.

    6. Consider possible names for your challenge.

    Weed out the weaker topic ideas by thinking about what you are going to name your challenge.

    Your challenge name should clearly state the main benefit of your challenge in a way that would resonate with your ideal client, e.g., “5 Days to Better Sleep.”

    If you can’t come up with a concise, easy-to-remember name for your challenge idea, it might be a sign you need to move on to other topics.

    7. Ask your potential clients.

    When you are stuck and have too many ideas, ask your potential clients what they’d like to see!

    Post a question in your Facebook group or send out a quick survey to your email list.

    In addition to getting valuable feedback, this will help you drum up some excitement for the upcoming challenge.

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