E100: 100th Episode Celebration + Podcast Lessons No One Else Will Tell You!


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    Join host Julie Hood for the 100th Episode of the CourseCreatorsHQ.com podcast! Let’s celebrate with a giveaway and some behind-the-scenes lessons after 100 episodes.

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    The Grand Prize is a set of courses, training, and 1:1 coaching with Julie worth $3,231! 

    9 Podcast Lessons for Online Course Creators No One Else Will Tell You!

    1. Podcasting is a Marathon not a Sprint. 
    2. Best place to find listeners is where they are already listening. 
    3. Have a plan for monetizing early on. 
    4. Lots of incredible experts like to share their expertise about podcasting.
    5. Big Secret: Your Own Episodes are easier.
    6. It helps if you like to talk – a lot!
    7. Decent investment of time to get started. 
    8. Easier to get started with a group. Shout out to my August 2020 podcast trailblazers!
    9. You get a level of connection and intimacy with your listeners that you won’t find anywhere else!

    Big shout-out to our reviewers: Bree, Ashao, Allan, Nev, Neal, Artist MJ, FitFannyAdams, Rab550, Ace, Misha, KindSoul111, Unbending Wind, Sara, TickleWords, the original nice guy, Dr. Sarah, Joe, Kimberly, Victoria, Susan, Don, Uwe, Homeschool mom, Thomas, Fractallion, Erica, Doug, and Paul. You’re the best! Thank you! 

    (I hope I didn’t miss anyone, but please let me know if I missed your review!)

    Thank you for listening, and sign up for the prize drawing at  https://CourseCreatorsHQ.com/giveaway  

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    In this episode, host Julie Hood shares one equation you can use to build your online course business and grow, and stay away from overwhelm.  



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