Watch This, or This or Even This Video

    Today let’s talk video – and the different kinds of videos you might want to make for your course, along with the tools to use. 

    Watch This, Or This, Or Even This

    By Julie Hood

    This week on a webinar we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of different types videos you can create for your course (and exactly how to do each one). Here’s what we talked about:

    First, make sure your videos are under 10 minutes, and don’t ramble. Typically you only have 9 seconds to grab someone’s attention, so make sure your video jumps in right away.

    Second, there are three main types of videos:

    Watch This #1: Straight-On Head Shot
    In this type of video, you are recorded in the center of the screen looking directly into the camera. This type of video can work well for introduction videos for your course, or any video where you are motivating or connecting with your student. You need to have lots of energy and emotion to make these videos entertaining for your student to watch.

    These can be created with just your mobile phone or even using a tool like Zoom to record with your webcam.

    Make sure you get an external microphone to better capture your sound than just your computer or mobile phone microphone. You’ll also want a tripod for your phone to make sure it doesn’t shake.

    Watch This #2: Picture in Picture
    Similar to sports channels where you have a main game on the screen with an inset picture of a 2nd game, you can use a picture-in-picture videos for your course.

    The best part is you have several options for your “in” picture. You can insert images, Powerpoint or Keynote slides, or even “fly in” text. Use this variety to spice up your course videos and make them more enjoyable to watch.

    When recording picture in picture videos, be sure to record yourself off to one side, so you have room to insert your pictures or slides next to you when you are editing the final video.

    On a Mac, you can use a tool like Screenflow or even iMovie to edit and insert your images. My daughter also loves the Adobe Premiere program for editing on her Mac.

    On a PC, one of my favorite tools for editing is Camtasia (which is what I use).

    Watch This #3: Screencast
    Screencasts can be an easy way to create videos for your course. You can create slides, show them on the screen and capture the interest of your viewer.

    You can also use screencasts to demo a particular software or online tool. Often when I’m showing you a new tool, I’ll login and record the tool as I use it. I have a couple different programs I’ve used for this: Camtasia has a recorder that lets you select areas on the screen to record. I also like UseLoom.com, Soapbox and Screencastify for recording directly from your browser.

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