The Selectric Way to Learn, Even Though It Made Me Cry

    By Julie Hood

    Back when I was a ten-year-old, I was completely fascinated and obsessed…

    I desperately watched…and wanted to learn. 

    What was it? 

    (Please don’t laugh!)

    I so wanted to use my mom’s typewriter.

    I was so excited about how she didn’t even look at her hands, but the words magically appeared on the paper. (And it’s probably a good thing too, since I spend 90% of my workday typing!)

    So asked and I pleaded, “Mom, please let me use your typewriter. I really, really, really want to type.”

    And she wouldn’t let me. 

    Nope. No matter how much I begged and pleaded. 

    Now you have to know my mom, Joyce. She is a commanding woman… no one dare disagree with her because her way is the best way (which she will fully admit if you ask her!)

    Joyce did have a reason for not letting me use her typewriter. She said, “Julie, I don’t want you to learn bad habits. You’ll never be an excellent typist if you play around and don’t learn to type the right way.”

    So I waited (not too patiently) until high school when as a freshman I could take Keyboarding with Mrs. Harrison. 

    And to be honest, I think I cried a few times while I waited for four long years. 


    Finally I sat at the red lBM Selectric typewriter, and Mrs. Harrison taught me to type the right way. 

    She was an amazing business teacher, and turned me into an excellent typist, even winning some high school contests. 

    The secret was that I learned from an expert.

    Mrs. Harrison could type 120 words a minute and she had gone to college to know how to teach “keyboarding”. We had a step-by-step textbook that walked us through exercises for each letter and number. 

    Could I have played around and learned to type on my mom’s typewriter? Probably.

    But I wouldn’t have been as successful at it. 

    It took an expert, who knew what it took to go from novice to expert. 

    Three Things to Keep in Mind When Learning Something New

    1. Learn from an Expert

    Find the experts who can share the ropes with you and have been through the trenches. 

    2. Use the Best Tools

    Use the best tools you can afford – and then plan to upgrade when you start having profits. (Just like we used the IBM Selectric typewriters which were top-of-the-line at the time.)

    3. Repetition Makes You an Expert

    We learned to type with countless repetitive exercises, typing “a’s” over and over to train our brain how to type them. When you take a course, make sure you get long-term access so you can repeat the training later. 

    With a little extra focus, you can make sure you learn from the best (to help you navigate the road blocks) and reach the goals for your course business.

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