The 4 A’s of Audience Conversion

    By Kimberly Weitkamp

    Have you ever been to a Renaissance Faire?

    They are fun escapes for a day where you watch knights jousting for the favor of the court…

    Listen to period-style music on wooden stages…

    Catch jugglers and fire-eaters performing death-defying feats in the dirt lanes…

    …and all the turkey legs you can eat.

    At these faires, you’ll also get the chance to watch a show.

    For every show, the performers know who they’re talking to.

    Performers will switch up the songs they sing or the story they tell based on the audience. As many operate on tips, they make sure to provide the best experience for their audience.

    Much like a stage performer… the first A of audience conversion is Audience.


    You need to create marketing aimed at your audience.

    That’s the first “A” of the Audience Conversion Method.

    Unlike most marketers, I call it an audience and NOT an avatar. You’re not only trying to attract one customer.

    You have a variety of people, usually three “ideal buyers” that are a great fit for your services or courses.

    And together, they make up your audience.

    They have something in common- the problem you solve. But they’re also unique in many ways.

    Define your audience by diving into who would benefit most from the transformation you provide…and go beyond demographics.

    Ask questions like, “How established are they in their business?” and “What is their personal life like, and how is it impacted by their business problems?”


    After you know who you are talking to, you need to discover what they’re Asking.

    Often, we’re so close to what we do, whether it’s a unique coaching model or all of the knowledge in our course, we forget what everyone else does and doesn’t know.

    The second “A” of the Audience Conversion Method is Ask.

    These aren’t the questions you think your customers have.

    Instead, it’s the questions they ask publicly.

    What do they talk about on social media?

    What questions do you hear on calls?

    What do they talk about at conferences?

    Wherever your audience hangs out, go and find out what they’re asking.

    Once you know exactly the phrasing they use and the questions they have, you can move on to the next part of the plan.


    Change happens quickly in online marketing, both in terms of design and new tools or technology.

    When your visitors land on your home page, they expect a modern, current look. If your site looks like it hasn’t been updated in a few years, or even a few months, it creates doubt for your audience.

    Sometimes I’ll see websites running a “current” promotion with a copyright date two years old.

    This brings us to the third A of a great marketing plan: Audit.

    It’s not just about your marketing materials looking up-to-date.

    It’s also about how easy it is for your audience to find what it’s looking for.

    You know your exact Audience. You know what they Ask.

    Now, discover how simple it is for them to find this information.

    This isn’t limited to your website. If someone goes through your top sales funnel…can they find what they need?

    If someone finds a social media post and clicks it, do they go where they need to?

    Run a quick audit for your top products and see if you are using the right audience and ask.


    You’ve identified your audience, what they ask and you’ve audited your materials to see if you address those concerns.

    Now, you’re going to Answer.

    You’re going to create an answer wherever one is missing from your marketing.

    This will help in SEO and voice search. Most importantly, you’ll help your audience before they even know who you are.

    With so much growth and opportunity with courses, coaching and services online…

    Many people often don’t know what options are available to them. They aren’t looking for your brand name or the name of your signature course.

    They’re an audience, looking for an answer to what they’re asking.

    When you power up all four A’s of Audience Conversion, your business will take off and reach all new heights. 


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