3 Business Lessons from My 2nd Grade Teacher

    Way back in the day, eight-year-old Julie jumped into second grade with one of my favorite teachers ever, Mrs. Seaman. Today I want to share exactly what she taught me that I’m still using all these years later to build my business.

    ==> Lesson #1 – Talking Can Be an Amazing Way to Connect

    So in the autumn of second grade, I remember being so nervous about the upcoming “parent-teacher conference.” Was my mom going to come home happy? What was Mrs. Seaman going to say about me?

    My mom spoke to Mrs. Seaman, and here’s what she said, “Julie is a good student and is doing well, but there’s just one thing… I could put her desk on the ceiling and she would still keep talking to everyone in the class!”

    She was so right. I loved being around my classmates and just couldn’t quit chattering with them! 

    So talking for me was central to my personality and making friends. 

    I’m using that personality trait (loving to talk!) to get started on my podcast in the next month.

    Now for the important question: Should you as a course creator have a podcast?

    If you are not a big talker… maybe you prefer to write… then probably not. Skip on down to the lesson #2. 

    But if you do have a tendency to talk, then definitely consider it as an amazing way to connect with your audience. 

    In fact, I realized the last 3 expensive courses I purchased were all from course creators who had podcasts! I listened to them for a couple years before I bought, and I felt like I knew the instructors so well. They had a huge amount of credibility with me. I knew their courses would deliver (because their free podcast already had delivered), so they didn’t have to convince me to buy.  

    ==> Lesson #2 – (Marketing) Math Is Essential

    In 2nd grade we started doing some fancier math. Mrs. Seaman made us into experts in addition and subtraction, AND taught us money and coins. 

    And today math is still incredibly essential to my course business. 

    We need marketing math to keep track of how our business is doing. 

    We need to know:

    • How many subscribers do we have?
    • How many subscribers have been added over the past week/month/year?
    • What price is best for my course?
    • What does it cost to find a customer?
    • What is my conversion rate? (And this does require 3rd grade division! 🙂

    All this marketing math is essential for your business… are you using these marketing math statistics?

    ==> Lesson #3 – Family and Community Are the Most Important

    Our second grade class was a terrific community… in fact, I remember my mom and several of the other parents throwing a baby shower for Mrs. Seaman who had to leave us for the last few weeks of school to have her baby daughter. 

    We all had so much fun putting together the baby shower and having a party together. 

    The kids were involved, and we celebrated the new baby, too. 

    Mrs. Seaman helped me recognize the importance of community… of celebrating together… of working together on a group project.

    That lesson carried through into today… for example, all the folks in my 24 Hour Course Creator Daily program are working in the same direction to finish their courses. 

    Facebook groups and group coaching are so important to your courses and building your community. How can you add a group coaching component to improve your student’s experience? There’s something about working together toward a common goal that is very powerful.

    You can apply these 3 lessons too – and add more talking, more math and more community to your online course business. Mrs. Seaman would be so proud!


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    PS – The short version: 

    I shared 3 business-building lessions from my 2nd grade teacher! And if you like to connect through talking, check out  the free masterclass here about podcasting.

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