Podcast E034: Ready For Your Oprah Moment? Media and Publicity Secrets with Beth Nydick


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    Episode Notes

    In this episode, publicity guru Beth Nydick shares her secrets to getting media and publicity that actually works to build your course business and leverage your media appearances.






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    Listen to her podcast: Behind the Spotlight (Who really is behind the brand?)

    Beth’s Book: Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modernist Mixologist

    HARO: HelpAReporter.com

    Your Fully Charged Life book by Meaghan Murphy



    • Media is not that hard to obtain!
    • Media gets you credibility; what you do with it gets you clients and cash.
    • Build the foundation of your publicity with your local media… and use Beth’s approach to be a repeat guest.
    • Why it’s easier than ever to be a “remote guest.”
    • The easy way to find media contacts in your local area.
    • The huge lesson Beth learned from being on the Dr. Oz Show (and the website she used to find out about it).
    • Why you must “define your objective” for your media.
    • How to make sure your messaging addresses the emotions and feelings of the audience to create opportunities for your business.
    • The business side of guesting on podcasts.
    • What are your goals and calls to action (CTAs) for your media appearances – and how you must use them!
    • Make sure your messaging is congruent and clear. Have a real, succinct and clear message for this season of your business (you can shift in the future).
    • Why you don’t have to talk about everything you do when you have a media appearance.
    • How to have interesting media – even if your business is more focused on concepts and ideas rather than concrete activities (for example, creating courses instead of baking bread).
    • How to match your media to your message and the right audience.
    • Answer these questions:
      Where is your audience reading, listening and watching?
      Who are you going to communicate with?
      What is the key message?
      What media platforms are you going to use? How are you going to gain the consumer’s attention?
      What imagery are you going to put out with it?
      What’s your identifier?
      How are you going to evaluate your success?
    • Stop listening and actually get work done!
    • How Beth met Jay Leno and what she said to him – and what happened when she met Rita Wilson and Harry Connick, Jr.
    • Social media isn’t about the number of followers. It’s all about the engagement.
    • Grab Beth’s Media Workbook, and then join her for the 3-Day Bootcamp and her Accelerator program!


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