5 Ways to Give Away a Free Report to Find More Students

    You’ve created a phenomenal free gift to give away to your potential students (it’s also sometimes called a “lead magnet”).

    Now what?

    How do you get your free report in front of your prospects?

    Here are 5 easy ways to give away your report – and get more students (and then click here to get 15 more in my special FREE report)!

    #1 Share It On Your Website

    This one is sorta obvious. Use your website to share your link to optin and get your free report. Include it inside your blog posts (see how I did that above?) and at the end of blog posts on related topics.

    You can also put it:

    • In the header or footer of your website
    • In a popup window
    • In a slider
    • In a notification bar
    • In the sidebar

    #2 Showcase It Above a Sales Letter

    With this method, the download for your free report away is at the top of a page, and then below the report you have a sales letter for your course. Once someone arrives to collect the free report (that is of great value to them) and are also exposed to the paid course described on the page. Sales will follow.

    For example, let’s suppose you’re selling a weight-loss course. You might create a free report that offers an overview of the nutrition guidelines plus a half a dozen low-calorie recipes. If people like your free report, they’re likely to go back and purchase the paid course, or even purchase the course during the same visit to your site.

    #3 Add It to a List Post

    For this method, you simply create a “list” post such as a gear list or resource list, and then publish the list directly on your blog. Naturally, your free report would be listed among the resources in the article.

    For example, let’s suppose you’re giving away a report about how to train for your first marathon. You might create a resource list article called, “The Top 10 Marathon Resources To Prepare You For Running 26.2 Miles For The First Time.” Each entry would describe why a particular resource is listed (e.g., the benefits of that resource), along with a link.

    #4 Surprise Your Customers with a Free Bonus Gift

    The idea behind this method is to give away your free report as an unadvertised bonus when someone buys a course from you. This accomplishes three things:

    • It surprises and delights customers. In turn, delighted customers become satisfied customers who are more likely to do repeat business with you.
    • It trains your customers to open their emails. If you deliver your bonus by email, then you get the added benefit of training customers to open your emails, which leads to a bigger response rate in the future.
    • It gives you another opportunity to create a backend sale. As always, your free report should promote a related offer that will further help the customer to solve a problem, reach a goal, or enjoy an interest.

    #5 Upload to Your Autoresponder

    Another way to distribute your free report is to upload it to an autoresponder. If you create just one report per month and upload it to your autoresponder, you’ll have an entire year’s worth of automated content that helps your prospects and points them to your courses (which helps you sell more courses!)

    For this step to work, make sure you have a compelling (or intriguing) subject line so your email will get opened.

    With a little ingenuity, you can get your free report in front of your potential students and get their eyes on your courses to find even more students.

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