Welcome to JulieHood.Club

Welcome to JulieHood.club!

So glad you’re here.

First, let’s get your free ticket to PODFEST GLOBAL.

Click here to go to https://www.CourseCreatorsHQ.com/podfestglobal and use the code CLUBJULIE to save $49 on your ticket.

Second, here are my 7 Secrets to Skyrocket Your Business at Podfest:

  1. Plan which workshops you will attend.
  2. Learn how to maneuver the Whova app. Here’s a video explaining it.
  3. Fill out your Whova bio – completely!
  4. Set a goal for the event: I want to learn x, I want to connect with x people, I want to find guests for my podcast, etc.
  5. Join the Podfest Facebook group.
  6. Attend a meetup (they are listed in the Community tab at the top under Meetups and Virtual Meets).
  7. Use messages in Whova.

I hope you enjoy the event!

I want to share some FREE courses with you:

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Other ways to connect:

Listen in to the Course Creators HQ Podcast here.

Join me on Clubhouse at @JulieHood.

Let’s chat on Instagram at @CourseCreatorsHQ.

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Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your new course or mini-course!
Julie Hood