Promote Your Course – Offers Ending Soon

    It’s Groundhog Day! We are sunny and 10 degrees so you know what that means….

    But that’s OK, I’m nice and toasty in my office working. This week we are talking tools, and today I want to share some of my favorites for promoting your course on social media.

    First, let me say that I am not a big fan of monthly fees, especially when you are just starting out. But for some things they are absolutely necessary (your email newsletter service and your course software are two essential ones).

    Should you pay monthly fees for social media tools?… Possibly. Especially if they save you tons of time!

    And I am sharing two tools today that you can get LIFETIME access instead of paying those monthly fees so keep reading to the end.

    MeetEdgar – First, the granddaddy of tools for social media. MeetEdgar lets you create “queues” of posts that it automatically cycles through – and then restarts again. So you can set these up and forget it. It will continually post to your accounts regularly which is a huge time-saving feature. Pricing starts at $49/month. Get more info here.

    SmarterQueue – Similar to MeetEdgar, SmarterQueue lets you set up “queues” of posts. Their Solo program only allows 500 total queued posts, but you can get started for $19.99 per month so the pricing is better. Get more info here.

    Planable – Planable does not currently have a “queue” feature (but I think it’s coming). This tool lets you schedule a post across several social profiles (so you can schedule posts to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts all at once). And the best part? Right now you can get a lifetime account through AppSumo here.  (Update: the lifetime offer has expired but here is a link to get started.) Normally it’s a monthly fee but there were 480 accounts left for their lifetime offer as of this morning. So if you’re interested, jump on this one today.

    MissingLettr – Only for bloggers – this tool automatically creates a year’s worth of social media posts to promote your blog posts with hashtags. You can then review all of its suggestions and edit/approve them. Talk about a time-saver! I put a demo video on the Facebook page if you want to see how it works. Guess what? This one also has a lifetime account through AppSumo here.

    Hootsuite – You’ll also notice that I use Hootsuite to schedule my social media posts. But right now I can’t recommend the paid version to you. I signed up years ago when I could post to 5 social media accounts at no charge. Now the free program is only for three profiles. Plus they do not have the “queues” feature or the automatic content creation option.

    Here’s what I’m using, as of today:

    MissingLettr and Planable for blog posts and regular scheduled postings. I’m also going to get either SmarterQueue or MeetEdgar for their queues feature. And I may still send out some stuff through Hootsuite because it’s already set up.

    What should you use?

    • Definitely consider Planable because of the lifetime account option.
    • If you have a blog, I’d also get the lifetime account for MissingLettr.
    • After that, it depends on your budget. You can get started with those two tools and then add either MeetEdgar or SmarterQueue as your budget can handle it.

    Now Take Action….

    What tools do you need? Evaluate your current setup and see where you could add a tool to save you time and increase your promotion efforts!

    Let’s discuss it more. Come join me on Facebook and we can talk about what tools you like.


    PS – Remember you are just one course away! And I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

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