Podcast E085: The Legal Side of Online Courses


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    Episode Notes

    In this special episode, guest Heather Pearce Campbell points us in the right direction for the legal side of your online course business. Make sure you know some of the key education items she shares in this episode. 


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    1 – Make sure you have a compliant privacy policy. 
    2 – Handle privacy requirements for the information you gather from clients and students. 
    3 – The two parts of privacy: saying what you do and doing what you say. 
    4 – We are the data controller, but data processors help us process that information. 

    Three steps when the goal is clarity and transparency: 

    Step 1 – Have the right documentation. 
    Step 2 – Practices that support compliance with the law. 
    Step 3 – Achieve “Constructive notice and compliance” 

    Figuring out the legal side of your business is similar to how you figured out other areas of your business! 

    FTC watches out for consumers and are the watchdog. More info here.  

    If you are a health practitioner: 
    –  If you are a licensed professional, understand any licensing rules that apply. 
    –  In Florida, you cannot offer certain services.  
    –  You may want two businesses: one for your license and a separate one for your educational business. 
    –  You may need specific disclosures about education and not therapy or diagnosing people. (Use clear language in the right places.) 
    –  Live coaching may create more risk as opposed to pre-recorded courses.  (Listen in at the 23 minute  30 second mark for more info.) 

    When using photos, language (copy), etc…. if you have not created it yourself or paid someone to create or have the licensing in place, don’t use it! Get and save your licenses.  

    “A big dose of personal ethics would fix a lot of these issues.” ~ Heather Pearce Campbell 

    Don’t just use photos from Google!  

    Make sure your contracts include language about licensing content.  

    You are also responsible for your affiliates and the content they use when promoting your courses.  

    This is all very do-able! 


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