Podcast E067: Sales Messaging Secrets for Your Course with Kim Weitkamp


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    Episode Notes

    Guest Kimberly Weitkamp of The Audience Converter talks about how to write to sell more courses. She shares her secrets to writing conversationally to resonate with your audience. 


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    • Start at end.  
    • What is the call to action? What is the next step? 
    • The goal of your phrasing is to guide them.  
    •  A “conversion” is not always just a “sale.” It’s just getting them to take action.  
    • Who are you talking with (your audience) and what journey do they need to go to take action. 
    • Don’t start with a blank page (pull up something you’ve written in the past). 
    • Start with the details about the course – and then go back to the problem you are helping people solve. 
    • Don’t try to write the headline first. 
    • Use standard formatting and structure (but don’t use other people’s words and marketing!) 
    • Write conversationally to get your reader to keep nodding their head and saying, “Yes, that’s me.” 
    • Use Otter.AI to transcribe your speaking and talk about your course.
    • Remember who are you talking to, what is their problem, and what’s in it for them?
    • When you have multiple audiences, write to ONE person (and imagine you are having a one-to-one conversation). 
    • Your targeting is like a bulls eye: you just need to get close (like the concentric circles on a target). 
    • Niching is identifying the best people who are ready for you. 
    • Record yourself talking and use it as your starting point!
    • People will want to work with you so make sure your marketing reflects you!  


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