Podcast E027: 6 Biggest Mistakes Experts Make with Kimberly Weitkamp and Connie Whitman


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    Episode Summary

    In this bonus episode, you’ll learn six of the biggest mistakes that experts make – so you can avoid them! 

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    Kimberly Weitkamp, Audience Converter
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    Connie Whitman, Whitman Associates
    https://WhitmanAssoc.com/csa – Assessment of your communication superpowers

    Julie Hood, Course Creators HQ
    https://CourseCreatorsHQ.com/idea – Is Your Course Idea Any Good? 


    The 6 Biggest Mistakes Experts Make:

    Marketing (Kim)

    1. They don’t figure out exactly who their audience is.
    2. They forget to tell people how to take the next step.

    Content Creation  (Julie)

    1. They don’t build their email list – early and use it regularly to contact their subscribers.
    2. They don’t create an online course soon enough (and it can even be a mini-course as a free gift).

    Sales (Connie)

    1. They don’t prepare for how to connect during networking events.
    2. They don’t follow up. Only 2% of business owners follow up past the 5th-13th touch. 98% of the time, they stop at the 4th touch.






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