Pace Yourself For the Best Race

    We are roaring into 2019 already! I always love the energy of the new year and the feeling of a clean slate and a clean calendar.

    Usually I come sprinting out of the gate in January like I’m in the 100-yard dash … excited about all the new stuff to do.

    Here’s what’s running through my head, “I have 10 new courses I want to create, 5 new ones that I want to take plus I’m going to organize my whole house. And of course, eat better and exercise every day. Don’t forget getting plenty of sleep! And all this is going to happen in the same 24 hours I had in 2018!

    I can run faster than I did last year. Right?”

    Um, no.

    Unfortunately I have never been a good runner. When we had to run a mile in gym class, I was the one with the burning lungs who practically collapsed at the end. Runner’s High? I have never felt it.

    So even if I start January sprinting like Usain Bolt, I’ve noticed I can also do a quick crash and burn, if I don’t pace myself properly.

    But how exactly do you do that? How do you decide what to work on and what to pass on?

    Here are my 3 Rules for Finding Revenue Fast…

    1. Choose based on the stage of your business.

    Depending on where you are with your business, some new training will be more relevant and more necessary right now than others.

    For example, if your course is already live, you might need to learn more about launching and funnels.

    But if you are just getting started with your course, you might need to learn how to create videos.

    What is the priority for you right now? Are you:
    Creating or
    Then choose because of the stage you are in – not because it sounds good.

    And here’s a bonus tip – One thing that crosses all stages of your business is building your community (including your email list and your social media following). So list building should always be on your to do list!

    2. Pick one course to create, one traffic source and one lead magnet.

    I think it was Ryan Lee who first shared this concept with me.

    There are a gazillion ways to build traffic and get people in your list. But just start with ONE.

    Pick one course you are going to create and get that done.

    Pick one traffic source you are going to master and take a course on that.

    Create one lead magnet or freebie to give away. It should be tied into your course, preferably the step your potential student needs to take just BEFORE they buy your course.

    For example, Amy Porterfield has some outstanding training on how to create a course, but before you can create a course, you have to name it. So she has a really good lead magnet about that. People get her lead magnet, pick the name of their course, and then they are ready to learn how to create the whole course. And Amy has the exact next step for them – her training.

    Make sure your lead magnet is an early step. This is why sometimes one of the early modules in your course can be a good lead magnet to give away. Just make sure your student completes somthing at the end of the freebie. You want them to feel successful. (Amy’s prospective students have the name of their course at end of her freebie.)

    3. Pick the fastest path to cash.

    As entrepreneurs we have lots and lots of ideas. And it’s really easy to spend a little time on one, but not finish. Then you jump to another without finishing that one either.

    Or you may be just putting mental energy into thinking about all the options.

    Here’s my suggestion:
    Make a list of all of your course ideas and estimate how long it would take to create each one.
    Then determine who your audience is for each one.
    Figure out how easy it’s going to be to get your course in front of that audience.
    – Pick the course that has the shortest timeframe to create and the easiest audience to find.

    That way you can get some cash coming in the door as quickly as possible.                                       

    Now Take Action….
    I have two phenomenal trainings to share with you this week, but they may not be for you, depending on the stage of your business.

    If you have a course or something ready to sell, then:
    The One Funnel Away challenge could be perfect for you. It starts on Monday with Russell Brunson and his team. They will be coaching us each day on buliding and launching your online funnel. (Yes, I’m signing up for this one too!) Russell knows more about creating successful funnels than anyone on the planet and I find him super-motivating. I can’t wait!

    If you are just getting started with creating your course OR you want to know more about going full-time as a course creator, then:
    The Full Time Creator masterclass is no charge (woo hoo!) and shares 4 simple steps to making a secure, full-time income as a content creator. Teachable is explaining the different business models for courses and sharing success stories. Their “6 stepping stones” concept intrigues me, too.


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