E167: Avoid Burnout & Stress with Jennifer Bassman


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    Episode Notes

    Make sure you check out this episode to prevent burnout, tackle perfectionism, handle people pleasing and help prevent burnout. Coach Jennifer Bassman shares her secrets to managing (and preventing) these challenging emotions. 

    Please Note: We do not claim to practice medicine, prescribe for or diagnose disease; do not hold out, state, indicate, advertise or imply that we are licensed physicians. The materials and content contained in this episode are for general education only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Listeners should not rely exclusively on information provided in this website for their own health needs. All specific medical questions should be presented to your own health care provider.  


    Are you a people pleaser or having trouble saying no? Jennifer is giving us one of her favorite coaching tools! Worried You Never Seem to Make The Right Decisions? Use this free Decision-Making Tree to help you focus:  

    The Burnout Recovery Method Course –  

    Unstuck & Unstressed: A journal to get your life together… peacefully by Jennifer Bassman


    Symptoms of Burnout – usually a combination:  

    • Exhausted 
    • Bad Day 
    • May look like depression 
    • Inability to concentrate or focus 
    • Irritable and impatient 
    • Lack of energy 
    • No satisfaction in achievements 
    • Poor sleep  and may not stay asleep 
    • Extreme cynicism 
    • No excitement around things that used to be exciting 
    • None of your coping mechanisms are working 

    It can be hard to tell when burnout starts.  

    Self-care and changing jobs may not be the solutions to burnout.  

    Tackling Perfectionism 

    • Unrealistic expectations 
    • Limiting beliefs about the way things are 
    • Control issues 

    What are the mindset strategies that will help you? How do you learn to handle these things? 

    Have friends do “gut checks” with you on your expectations (as long as you are open to feedback).  

    People Pleasing 

    • Wanting people to like you 
    • Love language is doing for others and ignoring yourself 

    Get a “sponsor” to help you stay balanced.   

    Make the list of what’s frustrating you… and then dig in further to see underlying issues.  

    How to handle students who feel they are not a fit?  

    • Have a conversation 
    • Determine your policies ahead of time 
    • Consider a partial refund  

    Prevention of Burnout  

    • Build awareness of how you use time & energy 
    • Building stress management into your daily routine 
    • Build awareness of your stress 
    • Have fun 
    • Find your trigger signs & stress response (for example, Jennifer can’t find words) 

    Stress response take blood to everywhere in your body – except your brain! This makes it difficult to make decisions. Stress hormones create “fuzz” and you cannot make decisions.  Your goal is to bring blood and oxygen back to your brain.   

    Your brain loves certainty and unfamiliar territory (like creating a course or getting on social media) causes your brain to fight you. Talk your brain “down” and provide some certainty.   



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